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Real Men do PILATES!

Meet one of our favourites at Pilates Haus... FRANK!

Frank and his gorgeous wife Lauren have been regulars at Pilates Haus South for a while now. Such a lovely couple, we just love having them in the studio.

We are inspired by Frank and how well he has progressed in his Pilates practice. His strength, determination and willing to give anything a crack is inspiring and we are honoured to witness his journey.

Thanks for chatting to us Frank and sharing your Pilates experience.

Men it's time to give Pilates a go!

What made you first want to try Pilates?

I'll be honest, it wasn't my idea at all. Lauren (my beautiful wife) wanted to try it and wanted me to go with her because everything is better with a friend. I told her not to bore me with any of the particulars and just tell me when and where and I'd be there. The rest is history.

LOL love this! Lauren is in charge :)

What changes have you noticed since joining Pilates Haus?

I'd say my general health and wellbeing has improved in a few ways. Fewer niggles and aches and pains. Better mobility, particularly through the lower body. Mentally I'd say I'm a bit better off too, because it's always good to have another distraction from work and everything else in life that needs doing. I think I'm a bit more in tune with what my body is doing too and where I'm holding tension. I like to think my legs are a bit more muscular/defined but that's probably just my ego. Pilates has a certain stigma that it’s just for women.. which we know is not true at all! Pilates reformer was invented by a man after all. What are your thoughts on that?

I'd say there's no doubt about the stigma that it's for women unfortunately. Health and wellbeing are equally as important for both men and women and Pilates certainly helps with that, so why the stigma? Anything that gets a person moving and feeling better is a good thing. The "Pilates is only for women" stigma, like every other one, needs to go.

Ahmen! You are leading the way for blokes everywhere Frank :) What would you say to other men wanting to try Pilates but feel unsure?

I'd ask what's the absolute worst thing that can happen if you try it and don't like it? You lose 50 minutes? Big deal. Pilates is like anything, there is a lot to be gained from it if the individual is prepared to put in the work and approach it with the right mindset. If you physically don't feel great, or mentally you'd like another outlet, then Pilates is as good as anything. I'd encourage any man to give it a try because they'd be in for a pleasant, yet challenging, surprise and would quickly find it worthwhile. The stigma won't disappear on its own fellas. We know you play soccer? Do you find the Pilates has helped your game?

I think so, yeh. Everything seems to feel a bit more fluid, it takes me less time to get warm and loose and I feel like there's a bit of extra spring in the step. And you lift weights in the gym too? Do you find the Pilates has helped you there? I can unequivocally say yes to this. It's easy to tell because I'm paying a lot more attention to my body in the gym compared to on the soccer field. Warm ups are shorter, movements are much more fluid and stability is much better. I feel like I've got better control of my knees, scapula and core, all of which are important in the gym.

Excellent - love this! I can confirm Frank nailing planks on the reformer, add in some push-ups and he is in his element. What’s your favourite class?

I've only done the Open Reformer, so it wins. I won't discriminate the instructors, you're all great!

What is your advice for anyone who hasn’t done Pilates before and considering starting?

Give it a crack, seriously. There's nothing to lose and plenty to gain. The environment is great and very newbie friendly. I've never had the feeling of being judged or looked at because everyone is focusing on themselves. Nor have I ever felt embarrassed or out of place. The instructors are great. They give plenty of advice and cueing to help guide you and they also give options to make things easier or harder if you choose. After a few sessions, you'll be wondering why you didn't start sooner.

Thank you for sharing your story and being so honest! Let's hope we see a few more blokes in our community :)

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