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Studio owner Rayna Gillott has been teaching Yoga and Pilates throughout the Illawarra for over 15 years. 


"I love imparting my skills and knowledge to the community and seeing not only their physique transform but also seeing their confidence grow and bodies move more functionally." 


Rayna’s dream was to open a boutique studio, a beautiful space with all the extra touches - a place where locals could come and instantly feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome. Pilates Haus is the fruition of this dream. With 10 brand new Align reformers in each studio, each class will feel like you have your own personal trainer.


Our professional experienced instructors tailor each class to suit and personal attention is given to every member.


There is a BIG misconception that Pilates is only for flexible people. At Pilates Haus, we believe it is never too late to invest in yourself and welcome everyBODY and beginners and of all ages.

As the inventor of Pilates (Joseph Pilates) famously said, “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions”

Pilates is a high-intensity low impact workout focussing on strengthening and muscle conditioning safely and effectively.  Pilates has many benefits - from helping people who suffer from poor posture, back pain, weak pelvic floor and tight muscles to really toning and sculpting the body and results are visible in a short amount of time.

We are excited to welcome you into our little sanctuary and we know you will walk away feeling better than ever!




With a clear vision for the studio, owner Rayna has created a space that is proudly environmentally friendly.

Where possible, the studio fit-out is built from local and ethically produced items - from the VOC free paint on the walls, to the all-natural cleaning products and recycled toilet paper!

We proudly support local and align with brands with similar values that care about our planet as much as we do! 


This is why we support the following brands: 

Move Active has the BEST grippy socks and all their packaging is recycled or compostable, plus they donate to Aussie charities from every order purchased. LOVE!

That gorgeous scent in the studio is compliments of  Hart & Soul. These candles are handmade and you will find Courtney's beautiful shop located down the coast in Gerringong.

Our funky Pilates Haus Tees are all printed by hand from the boys at Journeys Apparel. Their store is next door to Pilates Haus, and they put a lot of LOVE into their threads.

We stock healthy frozen meals from social enterprise, The Eve Project - helping women get back into the workforce after experiencing trauma.

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