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52 classes in a MONTH! WOW

Meet our Challenge Winner!! ALESIA (right)

Gorgeous Alesia who attends all 3 studios, recently won our May Challenge!

We had a chat to her to find out all the goss, and find out...... how on earth did she manage 52 classes in a month!! We are so impressed :) Well done Alesia YOU are amazing x

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

I've only been practising Pilates for a couple of months ! I started coming to regular classes in February/March of this year so not too long at all.

What made you begin your Pilates journey?

I started Pilates due to a recommendation by my Pelvic Floor Physio to see if it would help manage some of my endometriosis pain, while also strengthening my body. Plus, I needed a form of exercise that I enjoyed and would stick to! 

How do you stay motivated to come to class?

Motivation is a tricky one and its definitely something that I struggled with during the challenge and also during normal weeks. I'm not a morning person so I tried to book classes in the morning that I knew I wouldn't be awake early enough to cancel without penalty! It definitely forced me to get out of bed and get to class on days where I wasn't feeling super up to it. 

On a normal day the feeling after you finish a class is so addictive and my body craves movement now! 

There's a quote that kind of became my mantra in the challenge and it's "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going". I love it because it's so true! Booking my same classes every week keeps me to a schedule and its just become part of my routine now.

Fun fact about you? 

A fun fact about me is that I am studying to be a Chiropractor and am a nerd for Anatomy ! I can name and tell you the function of all the major muscle groups in the body.

Any tips for someone who wants to begin their Pilates journey?

Just start ! It's never as scary as you think it will be. Yes it may be hard and you will feel like a baby giraffe the first time but I promise you Pilates Haus is the best place to start and you will feel nothing but support and encouragement from everyone.

Also, get yourself some cute grippy socks when you join as a platinum member!

What made you decide to join the challenge?

The challenge for me was more of a push to rediscover some positive aspects of my relationship with my body after dealing with pain and inflammation for so long.

It was a chance to prove to myself that I was capable and strong and I could do hard things.

As Rayna and Naomi say "you are stronger than you think" ! It's so true and stepping outside my comfort zone during the challenge definitely proved that. 

You did 52 classes. That’s amazing! How did you feel after completing that many classes? 

After that many classes during May I definitely felt all the things ! Strong and energised but also fatigued.

It's no easy thing to push your body to do multiple classes per day. I also felt insanely proud of myself and grateful to everyone that supported me along the way.

What is your favourite class type to attend? 

As an ex-dancer my favourite class to attend would be a stretch and strengthen ! It's very in my comfort zone and it feels amazing. 

However, a Flow 1 or 2 is also necessary and its slightly more rewarding and gratifying in my opinion as you push yourself more for that satisfying burn and shake of muscles 🤪🔥

As the winner of our May challenge and 3 months FREE unlimited membership, what was your best memory?

My best memory is a tie between 2! 

The first being when I shocked myself putting my 20th star on the chart only 13 days in.

That's when I realised I can do this and my goal became to do as many as possible in May and really strive for it. 

The second would be holding the final plank of the challenge ! Holding a plank for over 2 minutes on the reformer is no easy feat and if you had of told me this before the challenge I wouldn't have believed you but it's so gratifying when you realise you can do it! (That being said I'm glad we aren't doing them anymore 🤣)

Pic below when doing a class (with trainer Naomi) as she was announced the winner!!

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