Our Classes


Reformer Pilates

Open Reformer

Our signature reformer class is a FULL body workout. Prepare to strengthen, tone and energise your body. Our signature classes cater to ALL levels. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will perform exercises on our spring resistant Pilates reformer machines and use props to enhance your workout. Our 50-minute class will have you feeling leaner, stronger and wanting more, prepare for the PILATES addiction! 

We recommend private sessions to accommodate injury rehabilitation or those wanting guidance towards more specific goals.

Dynamic and HIIP (High-intensity interval Pilates Reformer coming soon!)

Stretch & Strengthen Reformer

Perfect for beginners and for those who prefer a slower-paced class.

With the aid of the spring resistance reformers and props, this class is a balance of gentle strengthening and release work, stretching, and fundamental core activation exercises. With regular practice, enjoy the benefits of improved mobility and a stronger core.

Perfect for anyone recovering from injury, less mobile, pre and postnatal and senior citizens.

Reformer Express

Re-energise and join our 35-minute lunchtime express class.


A quick endorphins hit will ensure you avoid the late afternoon slump and sugar craving.


Our express class is suitable for all levels. Every class is different, with the instructor focussing on certain muscle groups to fatigue to ensure maximum benefit in a short class.

12:15pm MON/WED/FRI


Mat Pilates

Pilates Matwork

Pilates MATWORK is a great way to learn the fundamentals of pilates in a safe and effective way, while strengthening and toning the body.


MATWORK can often be more challenging than reformer as you are using your own body weight and don't have the assistance of the reformer.


In our 45 minute MATWORK class you will use a variety of props including the magic circle, weights, ball, sliders, booty bands and balls.


A fantastic workout to improve posture and strengthen your core plus it is the perfect compliment to your reformer and yoga practice.

Mums & Bubs Pilates

MUMS and BUBS is a 6 weeks course run during the school term.



11:15 am MONDAY 7th JUNE (4 weeks) Casual drop in AVAIL

11:15 am THURSDAY 17th JUNE  (4 weeks) Casual drop in AVAIL

11:15 am MONDAY 19th JULY (7 spots)

11:15 am THURSDAY 15th JULY (1 spot)

Pilates is a great way to strengthen and realign your body after having a baby. We focus on engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor and deep abdominals (yes they are still there after Bub!) and work on your posture.

Enjoy this special time to nurture yourself and connect with your baby. Bub can be incorporated in many of the exercises (they make great little weights) or perhaps they are happier to sleep through the class. There is NO expectation for your baby to behave in a certain way.

Book in a term or two with your mother's group. Join and connect with other local like-minded mums in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment.

Check here for the latest commencement dates.




Start your day right with a juicy Yoga Flow class that is suitable for EVERY BODY, and perfectly compliments your pilates practice.


This 55 minute Vinyasa morning practice will have you feeling energised, calm, and ready for your week ahead. Do a double and book a reformer class beforehand to really feel amazing!

Please advise our experienced instructor if you have any injuries so we can adapt the practice accordingly.


Yoga SLOW-Flow/YIN

Our delicious Yoga SLOW-Flow/YIN class is suitable for everybody and perfectly compliments your pilates practice.

This 55-minute SLOW FLOW evening practice with guided breathing will have you forgetting about your busy day and have you feeling calmer, relaxed and ready for a great night's sleep.

The class will be different each time, however, you can expect a slower vinyasa flow to start, followed by holding postures (YIN) or holding stretches to release the muscles, ligaments and fascia (all the tight sore bits) and to help CALM down the mind and the central nervous system. This practice will help alleviate the sympathetic nervous system (STRESSED body ) and to help activate the parasympathetic system (CALM body)





Private Sessions

1:1 and 2:1 Private Sessions

For a personalised ONE on ONE or TWO on ONE 55 minute session with one of our experienced instructors, book in a private session.


Perfect if you are:

  • New to Pilates and want to find out more before attending group classes

  • Recovering from injury/restricted movement

  • Prefer a class that is adapted to your specific needs and goals

  • Pre/Postnatal

  • Prefer the flexibility and time to suit your schedule - and more!


Please email Rayna (hello@pilateshaus.com.au) for more information regarding the private session or book an available spot online here.