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Reformer Pilates


Reformer Flow 1

Our REFORMER FLOW Level 1 Pilates Reformer 50-minute class is perfect for beginners and those who prefer a slower-paced class.

With the aid of the spring resistance reformers and props, this class is a balance of strengthening and release work, stretching, and fundamental core activation exercises. 

With regular practice enjoy the benefits of improved mobility, strength and flexibility.

Perfect for anyone new to Pilates, Pre and Postnatal and less mobile.

We also give options to work a little more challenging if you would prefer :)


Reformer Flow 2

Our Reformer FLOW level 2 is our signature class that will guarantee a FULL body workout. Prepare to strengthen, tone and energise your body. 

Our Level 2 class is suitable for those that have attended the FLOW 1 beginners class (or reformer elsewhere) and are familiar with the equipment and basic Pilates technique. 

Our Pre-Natal beginner ladies, Flow 1 and Stretch would be suitable. Please chat to Rayna first to attend FLOW 2.

Our Level 2 classes are creative and dynamic, our instructors expertly theme these classes and purposefully layer exercises.  We want you to build strength, move your body, and have fun while working out.

Our 50-minute class will have you feeling leaner, stronger and wanting more, prepare for the PILATES addiction!


Stretch & Strengthen Reformer

Perfect for beginners and for those who prefer a slower-paced class.

With the aid of the spring resistance reformers and props, this class is a balance of gentle strengthening and release work, stretching, and fundamental core activation exercises. With regular practice, enjoy the benefits of improved mobility and a stronger core.

Perfect for anyone recovering from injury, less mobile, pre and postnatal and beginners.


Reformer Express

Re-energise and join our 35-minute lunchtime express class.


Quick endorphins hit will ensure you avoid the late afternoon slump and sugar craving.

Our express class is suitable for all levels. Every class is different, with the instructor focussing on certain muscle groups to fatigue to ensure maximum benefit in a short class.

12:15 pm 

Monday - Central

Wednesday - Central 

Thursday - South

Friday - North + Central + South 



HIIP (High-Intensity Interval Pilates) is a perfect combination of Pilates and Strength exercises done in short, quick bursts with a small break in between.

Pilates High-Intensity training combines all the goodness of Pilates with a good sweat.

Move your body efficiently and effectively, burn every muscle and challenge your body.
This unique 45 min class is guaranteed to get your heart rate up, work up a sweat and tone and strengthen your body. The Reformer, Mat, Jumpboard and various other props are used in this class.


Jump Fit

Our 40 min Jump Fit classes combine your FAV reformer exercises with a bit of cardio!

We add a JUMP board to your reformer, put on some cool beats, and leave you to really work up a sweat.

This low-impact, higher-intensity class will work the entire body and is suitable for beginners to advance.
We will guide you through the movements to ensure you feel confident and safe in the class, plus it's a lot of fun

Not suitable for 2nd/3rd trimester



DYNAMIC Reformer is suitable for those experienced on the Reformer and wants to add some more dynamic movement to challenge their body, increase their heart rate and work up a serious sweat!

Including creative use of resistance props, this faster pace full-body 45-minute workout is a perfect complement to your existing classes and is guaranteed to tone and strengthen your body.

The classes will be different each week with a variety of class themes.   

A combination of- Practising more advanced exercises, existing exercises with stronger resistance, exercises that are more technically challenging, longer sets, and more reps.
We recommend attending a minimum of 10 Reformer classes prior to taking this class. Please note due to its dynamic nature, it is not suitable for those with injuries or prenatal. Modifications can be given, give it a try and let's have some fun :)

Mums & Bubs


Mums & Bubs Pilates

MUMS and BUBS is a 6-week course run during the school term.

$130 6-week course

$24 drop-in


CENTRAL (Fairy Meadow)

Monday July 17th 11:15am

Thursday, July 20th 10:15 am 

SOUTH (Warilla)

Wednesday July 19th 11:15am 


NORTH (Woonona)


Wednesday July 19th 11:15am 

Pilates is a great way to strengthen and realign your body after having a baby. We focus on engaging and strengthening your pelvic floor and deep abdominals (yes they are still there after Bub!) and work on your posture.

Enjoy this special time to nurture yourself and connect with your baby. Bub can be incorporated into many of the exercises (they make great little weights) or perhaps they are happier sleeping through the class. There is NO expectation for your baby to behave in a certain way.

Book in a term or two with your mother's group. Join and connect with other local like-minded mums in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment.

Email for the latest TERM dates 

Mums + Bubs




Enjoy our Yoga Flow class that is suitable for everyBODY, and perfectly compliments your pilates practice. Our Vinyasa flow class will have you feeling energised, calm, and ready to face the day. Do a double and book a reformer class beforehand to really feel amazing!

Please advise our experienced instructor if you have any injuries so we can adapt the practice accordingly.

Book in you won't regret it - Namaste'  

BYO Yoga Mat


Yoga SLOW-Flow/YIN

Our delicious Yoga SLOW-Flow/YIN class is suitable for everybody and perfectly compliments your pilates practice.

This SLOW FLOW evening practice with guided breathing will have you forgetting about your busy day and have you feeling calmer, relaxed and ready for a great night's sleep.

The class will be different each time, however, you can expect a slower vinyasa flow to start, followed by holding postures (YIN) or holding stretches to release the muscles, ligaments and fascia (all the tight sore bits) and to help CALM down the mind and the central nervous system. This practice will help alleviate the sympathetic nervous system (STRESSED body ) and to help activate the parasympathetic system (CALM body)

You may even be treated to the enchanting sounds of Shannon's drum played during savasana. BLISS!





Private Sessions


1:1 and 2:1 Private Sessions

For a personalised ONE on ONE or TWO on ONE 55 minute session with one of our experienced instructors, book in a private session.


Perfect if you are:

  • New to Pilates and want to find out more before attending group classes

  • Recovering from injury/restricted movement

  • Prefer a class that is adapted to your specific needs and goals

  • Pre/Postnatal

  • Prefer the flexibility and time to suit your schedule - and more!


Please email Rayna ( for more information regarding the private session or book an available spot online here.


Corporate Sessions

We offer private group corporate sessions for your team.

Our corporate sessions are a great way to get your team together outside of work, and focus on their health and wellbeing.

These bespoke sessions can be tailored to your needs, we can even arrange lunch, massage or even a nutritional talk or inspirational speaker.


Please email Rayna ( for more information regarding corporate session bookings.

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