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Pilates! How can it help me?


Meet Polly!

Polly joined our community only 1 year ago, and the change in Polly's strength and technique is inspiring.

Polly shares her Pilates journey below.

What made you want to start Pilates?

I was a very slack member at a local gym, never going and constantly feeling guilty for not looking after myself. Then a friend mentioned she loved pilates reformer, so I contacted the amazing team at Pilates Haus and was sold after my first class.

How long have you been coming to the studio?

Since February. I started by just coming twice a week, then in around August, I started the unlimited membership and I go 5 times a week most weeks now. So from never going to the gym to 5 days a week… it’s a big turnaround for me!

What is your favourite class to come to?

Flow 2. I love it, every class is different. They constantly challenge me

What changes have you noticed since doing Pilates regularly?

I feel a lot more confident about myself. I’ve lost 6kgs, I’m even wearing a bikini again! Never thought that would happen.

I feel like I’m really looking after myself. Because of that, I’m eating better too.

When you are not sweating it up at Pilates Haus, where can we find you?

I’m a family photographer, so you will find me at the beach on most sunsets, photographing a beautiful family. Or at someone’s home, capturing their newborn baby. If I’m not working, I’m at the beach or pool in summer. I also love to cook, so I’m in the kitchen a lot too. My kids love bike riding, so I love to ride with them when they let me (I have a teenager… need I say more).

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to try Pilates?

Give it a try. I honestly thought I was the worst fit for Pilates. I had absolutely zero core strength and no coordination. The trainers at Pilates Haus are so warm and welcoming. They never made me feel like I wasn’t welcome. The members are exactly the same, it’s the warmest and most encouraging environment. It doesn’t take long to notice your strength improve. I also found it so good for my mental health. Every class there’s a bit of time taken out to focus on your breathing and letting go of all those inner thoughts and concerns. It’s an amazing experience I highly recommend.

Thank you for sharing Polly :)

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