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Meet Michelle!

Meet gorgeous Michelle, one of our most dedicated, loyal, kindest and "strongest members!"

We sat down to have a chat to Michelle about her Pilates Journey....

"My pilates journey started quite a few years ago, let’s say ½ a life ago ☺️.

I used to attend just one class a week, using Pilates to compliment and enhance my other classes, (to keep me aligned) which included, cardio, weights etc. After moving to Wollongong 4 years ago I was looking for a social network as much as a place to keep myself fit. After trying a couple of gyms and studios I found my happy place, here at Pilateshaus. I also decided to stop cardio and weights sessions at another gym to focus solely on Pilates and save some $$

1 membership instead of 2). I thought I’d give it a go for 6 months to see if I could maintain my strength and cardio fitness doing pilates and yoga only, needless to say I’m very happy with my overall fitness, so that’s it for me.

My love for Pilates and Yoga has really taken hold since being at Pilates Haus, thanks to the great instructors and their ever changing classes and the beautiful community.

Having just found out that I have arthritis and a bulging disc in my lower back, Pilates and Yoga has now turned into a necessity...... not one I’ll find difficult to stick to"

Michelle also a regular model in our studio photoshoots! This women is so inspiring. We are so honoured she chooses to spend her days with us in our Pilates community!

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