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How Pilates helped my Pregnancy! Sheree.

We sit down with the absolutely glowing Sheree to chat about pregnancy and Pilates

Tell us about your Pilates journey.

I used to love exercising and I had a gym membership for years but got tired of it and the vigorous training. Maybe it’s because I got older and didn’t like the hard training. I would often walk or do home workouts but nothing felt enjoyable. I got to my heaviest, got lazy and was pretty uncomfortable with how I felt in my body. It wasn’t till last year a friend shared Pilates Haus on their stories, and I thought that looks like fun, I might just give it a go.

I started with a 5-class pass and after the second class had arranged a membership as I didn’t want to stop. I loved that I felt like I had got a solid workout in without killing myself, doing weights, heavy lifting or running around. And it was fun! Not long after joining, I found out I was pregnant and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to continue to attend my classes.

What changes have you noticed since joining Pilates Haus?

Not only have I been able to maintain a healthy weight, I have been able to exercise comfortably throughout my whole pregnancy. I am so glad I managed to avoid being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Staying healthy and keeping my body moving has meant that I have been able to have a beautifully balanced pregnancy and feel good the entire way through.

How do you find in a group setting being pregnant, and at times having to modify exercises?

I have to be honest I didn’t know how I was going to continue with Pilates once I was pregnant. I was lucky to find classes and instructors I felt comfortable with and who helped me during the classes to modify exercises if I needed it.

By the end, I was comfortable enough to know what to do and when to modify with different exercises.

How have you felt doing Pilates throughout your pregnancy?

Pilates has been an absolute lifesaver for me during pregnancy. Mentally it was my ME time. My time to stop, reset and have an hour to myself. Physically I’ve never felt better! I have thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant and apart from those early weeks of feeling nauseous, I have been able to cruise through without any complications. I feel strong and ready to head into birth and labour knowing my body is in the ultimate condition to do so.

What’s your favourite class?

My Favourite class would be level 1 with Naomi on Thursday mornings, such a great bunch of women who attend. I always felt good and ready to tackle the day walking out after it. Naomi was also very supportive and helped me a tonne. Particularly towards the end when I couldn’t reach the straps, or had to roll off the machine to pick up weights. She was always there to help me out and taught me how to modify exercises.

Any advice for anyone in a similar situation who wants to try Pilates but is still unsure?

If you are looking for something that makes you feel strong and mentally clear, without the strenuous routines. Or you may be trying to fall pregnant, already pregnant or just wanting to prepare your body for it, pilates will honestly be your best friend! I have no doubt in my mind I would not have felt this good if I didn’t have Pilates and attend my 2 classes every week. I didn’t have it with my first pregnancy and boy did I feel it and it showed. Start with a 5-pack INTRO offer trial, and attend as many of the class variations as you can to find your fit. I Guarantee you will get hooked like I did. Cannot wait to get back once the baby is old enough and I have the all-clear

to exercise again! Thank you Pilates Haus 🤎 Sheree

Thanks for sharing your story Sheree x Pilates Haus

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