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Does Pilates help pre + Post-natal?

Read member + new mama Stacey's Pregnancy Pilates Journey

We love seeing our mums moving fearlessly!

Fit, healthy and strong! We especially love watching our mums in the studio transition from pregnancy, to Mums and bubs, and back to group classes!

"I personally practised Pilates 3/4 times a week up until the day before I gave birth. Considered high risk due to IVF and my age, pilates helped me stay strong, both physically and mentally.

Both my births were under 5 hours and drug-free - Pilates and not fearing movement and trusting my body were key in my healthy pregnancy post-IVF" I will share my journey another time - let's hear from gorgeous Stacey! Rayna x

Read Stacey's story below:-

What made you want to start doing Pilates?

I used to attend another studio but since moving to Warilla it was too far to travel. So when Pilates Haus South was advertised, I signed up immediately!

How long have you been coming to the studio?

I have been at the South Studio since it opened in Feb 2022.

What is your favourite class to come to?

I love the full body burn of Flow 2 but try to attend a HIIP class each week as well to get the heart rate up!

What changes have you noticed since doing Pilates regularly?

When I started at Pilates Haus I was around 19 weeks pregnant and had been very sick with HG! So had not exercised in months! It felt so good to be moving my body again and all of the instructors gave pregnancy-safe modifications when needed. I continued attending classes up until 36 weeks, gave birth at 39 weeks and was back in the studio 7 weeks pp.

I truly believe that Pilates helped with the general aches and pains of pregnancy, and kept my strength and fitness up which resulted in a really quick birth recovery and no ab separation. Post-partum, attending Pilates guaranteed me 'me time' a few times a week, which really benefited me mentally as well as physically. I also think my legs and bum are the most toned and strong they have been in a long time, which is a win!

When you’re not sweating it up at Pilates Haus where could we find you?

I'm either out walking my dogs at the beach or forest, catching up with friends, having a playdate with some of my bub's new pals somewhere outside or hanging out with my new little family.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to try Pilates but not sure where to start?

Everyone at Pilates Haus is so welcoming, so grab the 5-class intro pass and book a few different classes with a few different instructors. I am sure you will find instructors and classes you will love! Everyone was new at one point 🙂

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