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Cervical Cancer + PILATES

When did you do your very first Pilates class? When I was diagnosed at 22 with Type 1 diabetes I started to struggle with all high impact exercise as it was creating a lot of fatigue afterwards, which is when I discovered yoga and Pilates for the first time. Since then you have been on a health journey, tell us about that? Unfortunately I developed cervical cancer at 27 and had my cervix removed which left me with a horizontal abdominal scar and no groin lymph nodes which made stretching even more important.

Luckily at 32 I welcomed my daughter into the world with the assistance of my sister and surrogate, however being a new Mum and a full time worker made exercise less of a priority.

Then at 35 my body took another step back after having a full hysterectomy and my ovaries removed via a long vertical scar.

Once I was able to exercise again I found it extremely hard to use my core and was struggling to find studios in the area who could fit in with my work/life balance. That is an incredible story, how are you feeling now?

I’m happy and healthy at the moment and very excited to share we are expecting bubba no.2 with my friend who has graciously offered to be our surrogate this time. So more of a reason to look after my health!

You now attend Pilates and Yoga several times a week, what advice would you have for others looking to strengthen their body after a health journey?

I’m learning to focus on progress rather than perfection especially when it comes to my body. My advice is to be content with where you are now, it may not be what you were in the past or what you’ve pictured in your mind but all you can do is try... And don’t compare!! What changes to your mind/body have you noticed since attending the studio regularly?

With my core being my biggest struggle, I have noticed I can now lay back and sit up without having to grab something which is a relief as I used to have a really strong core in my 20’s. The downside is not being able to walk down the stairs after squats… Lucky I have carpet stairs to slide down on.

Thanks Tisha for sharing your story and CONGRATS on baby #2 news!

So exciting and keep up inspiring and working on your health and wellness, you'll need it with two bubs!

Tisha (left) pictured here with our lovely Yoga Instructor Karolina (right):)

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