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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Can you have Breast Cancer AND do Pilates??

This month is an important month - we shine the light on breast cancer, we reflect and remember.

Many of our sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and friends have been touched by this very real and common disease.

The good news is, there is a high survival rate - We can beat this!

But what do we do after? Can we exercise? Is Pilates any good?

We sit down and chat with longtime member Kerrie (right) and gain her insights.

What made you want to start doing Pilates?

I had dabbled a little online and tried to do it yourself Pilates through videos and books, but never attended a class. When I came out of surgery for Breast Cancer (very unexpectedly diagnosed with two aggressive tumours on the left side) the hospital advised Pilates and gave me a DVD specifically based on Pilates for Breast Surgery recovery. Once I had completed many weeks of radiation and was given estrogen-blocking medication that would cause osteoporosis, I decided to be serious about Pilates.

How long have you been coming to the studio?

Maeghan (Kerries daughter AND one of our amazing instructors) gave me a voucher for Christmas just as you opened 22 months ago. I used the voucher and am now a member. Attended numerous Zoom classes in lockdown as well. Thank you!

How is your health now?

After over 200 classes (242 Kerrie!!!!) my oncologists and breast surgeon have been very happy with my progress. I am 4 years into the 5-year risk period for recurrence. I feel great and my radiation-affected shoulder is much more flexible and increasing in strength. I also have hip (since pregnancy) and knee (old injury) issues that are now very much in hand. I am so excited I had conquered long spine when I couldn’t lift more than a centimetre off the reformer when I began!! See pic - AMAZING!

What is your favourite class to come to?

I love them all! (Not always loving the burn at the time, but always feel wonderful after) I have even ventured to HIIP sometimes! I still think legs in straps are my favourite! Every instructor challenges yet modify everything when necessary and is ever so encouraging.

When you’re not sweating it up at Pilates Haus where could we find you?

I am a very proud Rotarian and love being involved in Community work, youth programmes and activities and interacting and assisting people with a refugee background. I also love reading and doing crosswords.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to try Pilates but not sure where to start?

Even if you have never exercised just let the Pilates Haus instructors know your limitations and concerns. The Pilates Haus Community is very welcoming and will make you feel you are achieving and progressing right from your very first class. Best investment we can make!

Thank you Kerrie for sharing your story! Wishing you a lifetime of great health, Pilates and helping your community - YOU are a STAR! xx

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