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BINGO!! Kim's WON!!!

In 11 days KIM has completed her BINGO card and WON the challenge!

WOW, so impressive, Kim completed a Dynamic and a HIIP class, a 6:15am class and even went down to visit out South studio, refered a friend, went on a hike and completed the rest of the challenge!

Well done Kim ,you have completely SMASHED this challenge and and did it in record time...

Don't worry there are still prizes to be WON! Everyone else who finished the BINGO card will receive a pair of grippy socks and go into the drawer to WIN 1 months FREE UNLIMITED membership!

We had a chat to Kim on how she feels after completing the challenge and how her Pilates journey started.....

"I loved this challenge. I don’t normally take up things like this, but decided to put my head down and give it a go. It gave me the opportunity to try Dynamic, HIIP and Jump, which I wouldn’t have tried by myself, so thank you.

The biggest challenge was posting and tagging on social media. I had many friends very curious as to what I was doing, two even asked was I opening a Pilates studio hahaha. Thank you for a great challenge"

LOL Kim we are so PROUD of you!!

Kim described how her Pilates Journey started below....

I remember your very first class Kim in our beginners course and WOW you have come such a long way! This is what hard work, dedication and commitment to your classes each week looks like!

I have been a member of Pilates Haus for nearly 2 years, joining in 2021.

Before joining Pilates Haus, the only exercise I did was Pilates (at a different studio) along with walking, swimming and riding the bike four - five times a week, so I wasn’t too active or strong.

The old Pilates studio wasn’t local so the hunt for a local one started.

I must admit I stalked Pilates Haus at Fairy Meadow for months, walking past a few afternoons a week to see what was going on as it was totally different to the old studio and I wasn’t sure it was right for me.

Alas, a Facebook post popped up for a ‘Beginners’ 4 week course, this was the perfect way for me to ‘come and try’ a new studio.

Well, there was no turning back.

Since then, I have grown stronger and more confident thanks to the fabulous instructors. I kept notes when I noticed changes (I wish I had put dates with each change)

  • · No pain getting out of bed

  • · Getting in and out of the car is not an effort anymore

  • · Walking up stairs is easier (cardio and legs feel better)

  • · Ride the bike 20kms or more.

  • · Not tired half way through the day

  • · Clean the bathroom with no back pain

  • · Sweep and mop the floors with no pain

  • · Can get up off the floor easily

  • · My mind is clearer and calmer

Getting stronger has not come with challenges. Both my hips were pinned when I was young and even though the pins have been removed, my hips are the weakest part of my body.

Yes arthritis, calcification, degenerative fraying and tears and a bone marrow oedema, I am in extreme pain some days.

On the bad days I need the help of the instructors to modify some exercises. I really like giving everything a go and become disheartened if I can’t do something due to the pain.

I have learnt that it is OK to drop a spring or change the exercise to help ease the pain.

Doing Pilates has been good for my weak hips, it has been strengthening the muscles around the hip to protect the area.

Combining Pilates with Yoga is the perfect combination for me. Stretching, breathing, and being more aware of my body has helped me physically and mentally. It has helped me to relax and be more conscious of allowing time for myself.

Pilates Haus makes you feel as part of a family, everyone is so friendly. I can walk into the studio, forget about my day and enjoy my workout.

To Rayna and her team, Thank you!

You are all wonderful; you make every class enjoyable with your infectious personalities even though we are quietly dying on the reformers.

LOVE you KIM and WELL DONE xxx


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