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We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!




Join Sarah from the Mumma Nest as gives you tips and guidance on how to lead a life with happier life with less stress and guilt


Outcome & benefits of attending this workshop:

·       Increased self-awareness.

·       Improved communication skills.

·       Enhanced coping mechanisms.

·       Greater empathy & compassion for yourself & others.

·       Personal growth & development (which increases self-esteem.)

·       Overall, attending a workshop on emotional health can lead to positive changes in both personal and professional life.

Who should attend:


·       Anyone wanting to take control of their emotions & create a healthy relationship with their inner world.

·       Parents: enabling them to self-regulate & model to their children a healthy emotional range.

·       Anyone with beliefs that emotions are negative or not to be expressed.

·       Anyone curious about expanding their knowledge around this topic.

·       Anyone who wants to improve their emotional health & intelligence.

·       Anyone interested in developing their self-awareness skills.

·       Anyone with patterns of stress, overwhelm, snapping at kids & anger.

WHEN - Sunday 18 June l 2023

TIME -    3:30pm - 5 pm 

WHERE - Pilates Haus, Warilla 2/1 George Street, Warilla (park and enter via the rear)


Investment $45



Teen Pilates Reformer Course! (4-week course) 

Ages 12 - 17

Gender Inclusive 


Welcome to Pilates for Teenagers! 

We are putting on a course for teenagers (ages 12-17) to assist teens in building strength, flexibility and mental well-being. Pilates can be used as a compliment to existing sports (dancing, soccer, netball, swimming and more) 

It is also fabulous for teen posture! All the hunching over devices causes havoc on our mobility and posture, esp as we age.


This course is designed to introduce you to the benefits of Pilates, a fun and effective way to build strength, flexibility, and balance in your body. 

Central Studio

Tuesday 4:15 pm

May 2nd to May 23rd

$110 (4-week course)


North Studio + South Studio 

Wednesday 4:15 pm 

May 31st to June 21st

$110 (4-week course)

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